Mydreamplus new "OaaS" (Office As A Service) service system

China financial news - September 11

As part of the ‘Office emotions exhibition’, Mydreamplus unveiled their new "OaaS" (Office As A Service) service system. Founder Mr Wang, also announced that it will open 16 co-working spaces before the end of year, covering all the central business districts in the Beijing North Central area.

Speaking at the launch, Mr Wang said that having the ultimate perfect office experience not only requires comfortable spatial design and a user-friendly operating system, but also requires the most advanced scientific and technological intelligence to drive optimum space management.

He explained that the OaaS strategic system consists of a three part design: space layout and intelligent design; smart office systems to connect people and resources to the spaces in a data-driven matrix; and an offline community with a full-fledged support network.

In terms of design, Mr Wang said that by utilizing the Mydreamplus OaaS, the company can use real life usage scenarios to map office experience, maximise office resource sharing, and so improve day-to-day usability and efficiency. Importantly, the approach also allows the flexibility to offer both permanent and more mobile working across the sites.

Regarding community operation, Mydreamplus offers a complete business and skills development package to assist start-ups, small businesses and entrepreneurs to cover gaps in their knowledge base. Whilst, a great emphasis has been placed on promoting the welfare of all its clients and promoting synergy between the businesses. Free unlimited space has been offered for cross-community events, lectures, and networking for users, with the results of a vibrant community atmosphere, enabled residents and a high retention rate.

So far, Mydreamplus has added sites at Beijing wangjing, Lama Temple, hundred child Bay, and founding door, and huilongguan, all which use the OaaS system. The sites have been chosen for their regional commercial importance, industry links, and status as cultural hubs.

With a community average rental rate of over 85%, the company has concrete plans to open at least 10 more joint office spaces, comprising of thousands of dedicated workstations, has a growing team of more than 200 people, and is in talks with some of the country’s leading tech firms.

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