Three simple ways a Mydreamplus office is NOT your normal office


Work differently.

Inspiring work needs inspiring offices. A Mydreamplus space looks anything but a normal office. Gone are the grey cubicles. Gone are the scratchy office chairs. In are wide open views, floating platforms, and lots and lots of glass.

Each space is specially designed in its own unique way. You can work in a New York loft style warehouse. Or perhaps a Taiwan street. Or a wild mountain forest.

Sit differently.

Yes, there are offices. But they come in different shapes and sizes. Cube anyone?


But sometimes a change of location can help. Can’t concentrate at your desk? Try somewhere a little more peaceful:

WMZ_0107 (1).jpg

Or perhaps a snug sofa.


A little orange corner….


Or an even more orange corner:

WMZ_0070 (2).jpg

It’s not just the workstations that Mydreamplus have reinvented. Boardrooms can often be an intimidating place. Not so much here, as Mydreamplus has helped to humanise them, and make them a little more fun.

This should help you get into the swing of the latest financial figures:

WMZ_0063 (4).jpg

And when there’s no work to do, or you need a break from your latest project, Mydreamplus has got that covered too:

WMZ_0067 (1).jpg

Haven’t seen some of this furniture before? That’s because most of it was made exclusively by our design team, who was given one task: go make creative offices for creative individuals.

From desks to stand at. To cabinet drawers to sit on. And furniture in all new kinds of shapes and sizes. Mydreamplus are reinventing the way offices look and work.


At Mydreamplus, the office works for you.

Once you’re signed up at one of our spaces, you will be given a dedicated profile, saved to your Wechat or transport card. This is your key. Welcome to the 21st century!


Use it to open doors. Print remotely from one of our smart printers. Book additional rooms. Or guarantee your ticket at one of our events.

There’s no stuttering speeds or blocked social media here. Each Mydreamplus office works off the fastest 500Mbs broadband internet. See pages load in a flash.


Better, there’s an in-built VPN to unlock the whole internet experience. It’s completely hardwired into the system, so there’s no additional set-up, or multiple programmes to download to your device.

Just connect to the WiFi, and away you go!



Starting a company or being a freelancer can be a hard, lonely experience.

We know. All three of Mydreamplus’ founders are entrepreneurs, who have been there done it. That’s why we try to create the most stress-free, hassle-free, complication-free environment possible.

We know what young entrepreneurs want and need. There’s enough things to think about with just the product, before worrying about the business side of things as well.

To help, Mydreamplus offers a full range of support services, including: accounting, tax, law, business advice, compliance or IT. Also, get insider knowledge on funding streams, government schemes or training courses.


Tap into our wide professional network, and get in touch with the right people, with the right skills, to help grow your business.

We also know that flying solo or in a small team can get a little lonely. That’s why we like to mix things up a bit in our offices.

Come along to one of our many mixer events, designed to push boundaries!


Try something new. Learn a new skill. Hear lectures by industry experts. Or just meet other people in the same boat, in a relaxed fun environment.

Mydreamplus. Not your normal office.

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